Our therapy group programs target specific mental health issues in a 5-week course.

Anxious about joining a group? Most people are, so consider yourself in good company!

Our groups offer welcoming support and we encourage you to participate at your own pace – whether you sit quietly and listen, or wish to contribute more actively – that is your choice. We actively discourage too much self-disclosure (this is what individual therapy is for) and do encourage relevant contributions to group discussions. 

learn information and skills to improve your mental health in a group setting

learn information and skills to improve your mental health in a group setting


Depression Group

Designed to equip you with information and skills to improve your mood. Learn about the causes of depression and factors that keep depression stuck. Discover evidence-based methods of improving your mood, liking yourself more, connecting with others, engaging in life again, and enhancing your motivation. 


Managing Psychological Distress (dealing with anxiety, stress and other uncomfortable emotions)

Designed to help those who suffer from anxiety or chronic stress, or those who simply struggle to tolerate uncomfortable emotions, this group focuses on learning why we experience distress and why it is important (yes really!). Once we understand a bit more about distress, we explore how to determine what we are actually feeling, why it’s come about, and how to manage these feelings so they don’t become overwhelming. Specifically, we focus on coping skills and learning cognitive and emotion-focused techniques to manage these feelings, with a little bit of self-esteem improvement thrown in.  To see the group program, click Here.



Group Information


Groups run for 5 consecutive weeks, for one 75min session per week.
Groups predominantly run mid-morning. Days can vary across groups. When enrolled in a group, you will meet at the same time and day each week.


You must be 18+ to join a group. We currently do not offer groups for children or adolescents.
A maximum of 10 people and minimum of 8 people participate in each group.
To be eligible to join a group, you must be able to commit to the full 5 week program; have capacity to understand verbal delivery of content; and not be engaging in current substance abuse (including alcohol dependence). A GP referral is preferable regardless of whether you want to claim group costs under Medicare.


There is no cost to participate if referred by your GP via a referral letter AND you have a current mental health care plan (and haven’t exhausted your group quota of 10 sessions in the same calendar year).
If you do not plan to claim under Medicare, you may be eligible for rebates via Private Health.
If you are not referred through a Mental Health Care Plan by your GP, the cost of the group program is $175 payable prior to group commencement.

A refundable deposit of $30 is required to secure your group enrolment, and this is refunded at the completion of the group if full attendance has occurred. No refund is available if a group session is missed, and catchup sessions are not offered.

Please contact us if interested in participating or for further information.